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December 2008



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Dec. 19th, 2008


This is how we started...

After a week, I finally got around to posting some pictures of our 'real' midnite tea run. This is how it all started... neko_assasin was the first one to suggest a get-together for dessert to discuss something important, but I can't remember what it was. I'm sure it was important :P That was the first night Denny's in New Lynn had to put up with a bunch of asian girls getting high on sugar and giggling way too loudly. To date, we have done 3 pie nights. These are the pictures from our most recent one. Enjoy!

Banana fritter with ice cream      Curly fries
Pancakes!      Oreo shake
Mud cake      Vanilla shaved ice with strawberry

Dec. 2nd, 2008



Koco's fav... mexican food.. :D after a bit of bashing at practice we trooped down to Mexicali down at Nullfield st in Newmarket and had dinner..

I had a Qusaedilla (how ever u spell it... apparently i pronounced it right to the lady who was serving me *beams*)

Koco's tacos..

Alena's nachos with special pork
The service was good, ppl were friendly :) and not to mention a nice filling meal for under $20 :D

i gives 4 out of 5 :D

Dec. 1st, 2008



Hallo from neko..

HI HI!!!!!!!!!!!! this is our food blog!!!! we welcome you with open arms :D just extending the welcome post a little further :3

hehe i wonder where our nxt adventure will begin?


The virgin post

Hehe.. Yes. I have the honour of posting the first food extravaganza on the community! We have been to quite a few restaurants and had countless yummy dishes but this venue marks the first journalist attempt to document our gastronomical adventure.

When: Saturday, 29 Nov 08
Where: Cock n Bull's, Lynfield, Auckland
Who: buahciku, guilty_sins, neko_assasin

We started our innocent little drink-up with a beer and a dish each. guilty_sins ordered the deep fried squid rings, neko_assasin ordered the special prawns in creamy masala sauce served with mash while I ordered the banana crepes with strawberry sauce and ice cream.
Squid rings  Prawns in creamy masala sauce  
Banana crepes

When we have exhausted the yummy food on the table, we ordered the comfort nachos. guilty_sins has a thing for nachos.

Then we got thirsty so we ordered a traffic light and a pink panther. It came with matching umbrellas!

We didn't stop there. We ventured for a further three dishes before the day was out. Good little troopers we are. We ordered creamy bacon and scallop salad, cheesy garlic bread and ice cream sundae. Mm...
Bacon and scallop salad  Chocolate sundae
Cheesy garlic bread

And that concludes our little "drink up" for the evening. Mind you, we didn't photograph the alcohol we consumed just in case it scares people how much we drink. Haha...

I can confidently say that the food at Cock n Bull's is surprisingly good and I rate it 5/5.


The birth of MTR

This is the beginning of a story of a group of young and restless lasses eager to experience, and sometimes indulge, in the senses of taste, smell, sight, feel and even sound through the world of culinary delights and everything that surrounds it. Most of these experiences will be documented here, some with less relevant content than others. We will however, endeavour to keep every comment solely on the topic and even include pictures for you to drool on. So without further adieu, let the midnite tea run begin!